Ellen Page wants an 'Orange Is the New Black,' 'X-Men' crossover

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A simple line from "Orange Is the New Black" may have prompted a budding idea about a crossover with the "X-Men" film franchise. One of that franchise's stars, Ellen Page, is definitely behind the idea.

On Saturday (June 7), Page posted her idea to Twitter in response to the "Orange Is the New Black" account's screencap from a Season 2 episode:

Apparently all it takes is a quick Wolverine reference, and the "X-Men" are on their way!

This is, of course, a brilliant idea. Just think of all the prison-break subplots that could enter the "Orange Is the New Black" world when telepaths, quantum-rearrangers, magnetism manipulators and all of those other X-Men powers come to play. Wolverine would just be the beginning.

Photo/Video credit: Netflix, Getty Images