Emily Deschanel of 'Bones' Provides Some Answers

Today's cuppa: fast-food coffee (no fast food, just the coffee)

Tonight, Fox's "Bones" returns for its fifth-season premiere. To prepare for the big event, check out the comments below by star Emily Deschanel, who plays forensic anthropologist, part-time crime-solver -- with the help of her partner, FBI Agent Seeley Booth -- and successful mystery novelist Dr. Temperance Brennan.

Q: There were strong reactions, positive and puzzled, to last season's finale. What did you think when you first read the script, and what about it worked for you? 

A: When I read the script, I knew that some people would be disappointed by it - especially since we had discussed in the press that Booth and Brennan would end up in bed together in that episode. It's a tricky thing. We had to fulfill people's desire to see Booth and Brennan together, without ruining the sexual tension we have.

I think the episode was able to give people a bit of what they want, seeing Booth and Brennan together as a couple, without making them a couple for the rest of the show's life. Also, the episode happened in Booth's mind and Brennan's, so just the fact that they thought of being a couple will affect their relationship, even if it didn't happen in "real life."

 I was happy with the compromises made, but it's understandable people were frustrated. I guess it's better to have people frustrated than for people to be apathetic.

Q: Do you hear anything about Brennan's impact on young women who might want to go into science (or crime solving)?

A: A friend of mine just told me that his five-year-old niece wants to be a forensic anthropologist when she grows up because of my character. Of course, five years old is pretty young to watch dead bodies on my show, but I love hearing that girls are interested in science because of my character.

That's what makes the show worth it to me. I think when you do a TV show, you have to think about what kind of images you are putting out there.

Q: Obviously, Brennan can't become a pop-culture-savvy social butterfly or the show would be over, but what small improvements have you noticed in her social skills? 

A: She's become better and better with people as the years have gone on. Brennan has learned how to talk to people through her relationship with Booth.

It's almost like Brennan has upgraded from Asperger's syndrome to socially awkward.

There's a scene with Sweets, the therapist character, on our show last season in which I ask him to teach me how to read facial expressions. She wants to get better at social interaction, and that's the first step.

Q: We hear about Brennan's exploits in far-off lands - would you like sometime for the show to dig deeper into that?

A: Yes! We are doing an episode right now about a mummy. We get to meet a lot of people in archeology and Egyptology. I would love to travel to Egypt for the show, or some other exotic place!

Q: Are there still moments when dealing with the bones and "corpses" is a challenge?

A: Sometimes, but I have become remarkably comfortable with dead bodies. Once in a while I will be disgusted at work, and I can't eat my breakfast.