Emily Maynard's 'Bachelorette' North Carolina mansion is on sale -- you just need $5.8 million

emily-maynard-bachelorette-main.jpgThis year's "The Bachelorette" star, Emily Maynard, is from Charlotte, North Carolina, but the NC mansion that serves as the home of her 25 bachelors this season is not actually hers. (We know. You're shocked to discover this information.)

The 5-acre property was loaned to ABC for the duration of the season, but it's actually on sale right now -- for a mere $5.89 million. The place has 6-bedrooms and 8.5-bathrooms (which doesn't sound like much when you think of the 25 men apparently living there together at the beginning of the season).

The fun part of it being on sale is that we can take a good look at some pics of the rooms, which are sure to be the sites of plenty of heartbreak and lots of tears over the next few months as Emily whittles her choices down to that one final rose. There's even a video, thanks to Zillow.com. Check it all out below.

emily-maynard-bachelorette-mansion-6.png emily-maynard-bachelorette-mansion-5.png emily-maynard-bachelorette-mansion-4.png emily-maynard-bachelorette-mansion-3.png emily-maynard-bachelorette-mansion-2.png emily-maynard-bachelorette-mansion-1.png

Photo/Video credit: ABC/Zillow.com