Emma Stone visits 'iCarly's' final season

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emma-stone-may-2012-gi.jpgThe final season of "iCarly" will get some help from one of the stars of "The Help," Emma Stone.

Stone, who also stars in "The Amazing Spider-Man," will guest star in an episode of the Nickelodeon comedy set to air later this year, EW reports. The pop culture-savvy show is in the midst of filming its final episodes, but the series finale isn't scheduled until November.

The episode has Carly ( Miranda Cosgrove) trying to find some more age-appropriate friends for her older brother Spencer ( Jerry Trainor). Stone's character seems like a possible candidate, but she turns out to be a bigger fan of Carly and her webcast.

We can very easily see Stone playing a superfan, if for no other reason than the way she acts at the end of this "Saturday Night Live" sketch (skip to the 5-minute mark).

Thoughts on Emma Stone's "iCarly" cameo? Will you be sad to see the show go?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images