Emma Watson joins Seth Rogen and more at 'This Is The End' premiere

It's unclear just how big Emma Watson's role in Seth Rogen's directorial debut  "This Is The End" actually is, but she's made her love for the project known. The actress walked the red carpet at the comedy's Los Angeles premiere and snapped photos with Rogen and the rest of the cast in addition to signing autographs for fans.

Watson plays a version of herself in the upcoming film, which means fans can expect plenty of "Harry Potter" jokes. In fact, some are already in the movie's trailers. Watson gets to show off a new side of her personality as an axe-wielding celebrity who just wants to survive after the apocalypse hits. A recently-released clip from the movie seemingly promises that she'll be more than just a cameo in "This Is The End," which should be exciting for fans of the young Brit.

"This Is The End" is due out June 12. Here are some more photos of Watson on the "This Is The End" red carpet.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images