Emma Watson, Kate Upton and the top 20 Most Dangerous Celebs on the web

opening dangerous celebs.jpgThe female of the species is more deadly than the male ... when it comes to your computer. Female actors, models, athletes and musicians make up almost the entire Top 20 list of Most Dangerous Celebrities, according to the internet security firm McAfee. In fact, only one guy made the top 20 -- and it's not who you might think. Check out our photo gallery to see all 20 famous faces who made the list.

Clicking on links promising photos or downloads of these lovely ladies (and gentleman) could leave you vulnerable to spyware, malware, spambots, viruses and other computer woes.

So beware if you stumble on a site that promises you nude pics, free videos and other salacious stuff -- there's a good chance that the files you download will wreak havoc on your computer, and could leave you vulnerable to identity theft.
(Plus, searching for naked pics of teen stars makes you pretty pervy -- so don't do that, OK?)
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images