Emmy Awards 2011: Ricky Gervais: 'You can suck my [Twinkie]'

ricky-gervais-emmy-2011-video.jpg Ricky Gervais, who last winter stirred up some controversy with his Golden Globes hosting job that was more of a Hollywood roast, pre-recorded a message for the 2011 Emmy Awards that had a few edits.

The speech in its (edited) entirety:
"Hello. Firstly, sorry I can't be there live in person. Not allowed. Not after the Golden Globes. In fact now, during any awards ceremony, I'm not even allowed on American soil. This is pre-recorded and the Emmy bosses have warned me if I say anything rude or controversial, they will edit it out and you won't know the difference. What a bunch of cowardly [ cut] countrymen like Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan. We're proud of you. I've won a few Emmys myself. I've lost a few too. I was up for five last year and I lost them all to other shows that in my opinion were absolute [ cut] 'Schindler's List' but then went on to do TV with 'Band of Brothers' and 'The Pacific' for HBO, which in my opinion is the greatest channel in the world [ cut] apart from [ cut] FOX [ cut] that is, [ cut] obviously. Anyway, I've been rattling on for about 10 minutes. I hope I didn't say anything that you found offensive. Though if I did, I don't care. You can suck my [ Twinkie]. Thanks for listening. And finally, thanks to God for making me an [ cut] absolute idiot. There I said it. Again."

We were hoping for more when he popped up on screen, but we'll take any Ricky we can get. Ricky for Golden Globes next year!

Photo/Video credit: FOX