Emmy Awards 2013: Anna Gunn, Elisabeth Moss and more matching dresses

The Emmy Awards are the biggest night of television, which means that it's TV stars' best chance to show off their best fashion sense. At the 2013 awards show, there were a couple trends that veered from "popular choices" to flat-out "copy cat" territory. Check out some of the celebrities who ended up having dress doppelgangers at the 2013 Emmy Awards. 

Black and White

Apparently AMC had a fashion memorandum for its two leading ladies, because  Anna Gunn and Elisabeth Moss were working the same look on the red carpet. The "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" stars both wore floor-length, strapless gowns that had black, lace bodices and flowing light skirts.

The Witches of the Emmys

amanda-peet-aubry-plaza-lena-headey-emmy-awards-matching.jpg Lena Headey, Aubrey Plaza and Amanda Peet were clearly all taking the same fashion cues for the Emmys, but it's not necessarily the best look of the night. The three witches of the Emmys opted to go dark when most other people went beige or pink, and they weren't doing themselves any favors by being in the minority.

Purple, Purple, Purple

Melissa Rauch, Alyson Hannigan and Carrie Underwood went simple and classic for the Emmys, and ended up all wearing very similar dresses. Strapless, floor-length and royal purple, the three women's dresses were gorgeous but also nearly indistinguishable in a carpet full of other styles and colors.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images