Emmys 2014: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's' Chelsea Peretti deserves to be singled out

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With the 2014 Emmy Awards nominations due to be announced Thursday (July 10), Zap2it is making cases for the actors and shows that deserve some awards love, but would be surprising -- and therefore very exciting -- nominees.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" had an excellent freshman year ... wait, edit that ... Golden Globe-winning "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" had an excellent freshman year. Surprising everyone in January, the show beat out long-time veteran favorites like "The Big Bang Theory" to win the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series, and Andy Samberg won for Best Actor for a TV Series, Comedy or Musical. Even fans of the show were surprised, because, man, that was fast. Only a handful of episodes had aired by the time the awards were handed out.

And now Emmy nominations are coming. Will "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and Andy Samberg get nods? There's a decent chance. But there's one other person on this killer ensemble show who should get a shout out, and that's Chelsea Peretti.

Yes, you are, Gina. 

Gina Linetti is a twisted, lovable egomanic; the girl you want to go drinking with but you don't want to take her anywhere you'd like to go again. Gina's love/hate relationships with her colleagues are driven by her narcissism, so you're going to have to bow down. She's money-smart, independent and in charge, and while you don't want to be her, you have to be a little fearful of this amount of self-esteem. Or a lot scared. You want to be around her, but you don't want to be alone.

But it's Peretti's ability to play Gina's narcissism with warmth and magnetism that takes control of the screen no matter who she's sharing it with, and her winking subtext of "yes, I know this is awesome" that makes us laugh. 

Gina does love her co-workers, but since they're never going to outrank her, she just has to hate them at the same time, and pity them even more. You love Gina for it, and you want more of her over-the-top presence, because that's comedy gold in the hands of a good actor. And Peretti nails it. Any Gina-heavy episode is a good episode.

Make no mistake, the entire cast of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is great, and what's better is they all play off of each other well, as any good ensemble comedy should. But Peretti shines a little brighter out of the group, and we'd love to see her recognized.

So while it's likely the Emmys will recognize the show as a whole or Andy Samberg ...  

... we know, just like Gina would, that they're all just resting on Chelsea Peretti's shoulders. 

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