'Enchanted': Listen to Taylor Swift and Adam Young's public confessions

adam-young-taylor-swift.jpgRemember, on Valentine's Day, when Owl City's Adam Young melted even the coldest, blackest hearts with his public declaration of affection for Taylor Swift? For lack of a better term... we totally 'shipped it.

We couldn't help but be bummed when Swifty didn't respond in kind... at least not publicly. Now, for the first time, Young has spoken up about their musical flirtation. Swift actually started it with her song "Enchanted," which was about Young.

"I met her in New York and she came to one of my shows and after the show I was backstage in the green room and she was on her way up to meet me and that was the most nerve-racking few minutes of my life just waiting to meet Taylor Swift," he remembers in an interview with Us. "When I met her she was glowing and I was too. It's hard to put into words, but I was definitely wonder-struck to meet her."

He decided to do his own variation on the song to thank her. "It's not on the new record," he says. "That was such a fun thing to do. The plan was to surprise everybody and put that out for Valentine's Day. I had been planning it for a while. It's fun to see kids reactions. I never heard back from Taylor but I'm sure she's busy."

Excuse us, but that's just about the most depressing thing we've ever heard. No one is that busy!

He also wanted her to appear on the new Owl City record, but Swift couldn't find the time. Despite her brush-off, Young's crush on Swift endures. "She's a superstar and I'm just this kid from a small town in the middle of nowhere, so I feel like that peasant in the midst of a princess and that whole classic story," he says. "I love how she writes about those things that are so personal and you get to know her music and get to know her. I love how she blurs those two lines. She's very genuine. She's really only been it.  I've really only had eyes for her in the industry."

Listen to the song Swift wrote for Adam below, followed by his response. 

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images