'Ender's Game': New posters want you to fight the next invasion

Sure, they might have released the final poster for "Ender's Game," but since when does that mean it actually has to be the last one? Alright, so the final poster normally would be the last one, but Summit found a way around that by releasing a couple propaganda posters that don't outright advertise the movie at all.

Instead, the posters are something of a public service notice from the International Fleet, a military group on the movie. They're asking for volunteers to join and be part of the force that fights off the next alien invasion, which is imminent.

These aren't the first propaganda posters released for the movie, but they are definitely more subtle. "Ender's Game" stars Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld and Ben Kingsley. It's in theaters November 1. Check out the posters below:

Photo/Video credit: Summit