'Enlisted' star Angelique Cabral books lead NBC comedy pilot 'Two to Go'

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angelique-cabral-enlisted-pilot-nbc-two-to-go-gi.jpgHere is your weekly reminder to watch "Enlisted," FOX's funniest sitcom of the season: Star Angelique Cabral, who plays Geoff Stults' nemesis/frenemy/flirt buddy on the comedy, has booked a lead role in a new NBC comedy pilot.

According to Deadline, Cabral will star in "Two To Go," a comedy about longtime best friends Kurt and Laura (Christine Woods), who struggle with "the challenges of modern-day dating" while their group of friends insist they should be together. Cabral will play Anne, the Pilates instructor wife to Echo Kellum's stay-at-home dad Nick.

Before you fret: Yes, it is in second position to "Enlisted" so if the show is picked up and "Enlisted" is renewed, she'll stay on the military comedy. And yes, this is a very common move for actors during their busiest staffing time of the year. But it's still kind of a bummer to remember that so many people have not recognized the genius of the season's best sitcom.

"Enlisted" airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT, in case you forgot.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images