'Entourage' movie 'ain't easy' says creator Doug Ellin

"Entourage" fans have been waiting since the last episode of the show aired in 2011 for a movie. Nearly everyone involved has promised a movie, leading many to believe it's going to happen eventually. It may not be as close as some hope though, according to series creator Doug Ellin.

When asked on Twitter by Kevin Connolly, who played Eric on the show, when the movie would happen, Ellin offered a simple "Trying to get everyone on board. Ain't easy."

A quick search shows the four principle actors, Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara, aren't incredibly busy. Ferrara has the most loaded schedule, with two movies due in 2014. Hopefully, they can figure out a time to make it happen sometime soon.

Ellin is set to direct the movie continuation of "Entourage" based on a script he wrote, whenever it actually happens.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images