'Entourage' movie is happening in January, says Kevin Connolly

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The "Entourage" guys really need to uncross their wires. Who knows which one of them is actually right about the movie. Executive producer Mark Wahlberg said greed among the actors is holding the film up, but Kevin Connolly (Eric) says it's happening and soon.

TMZ cameras caught up with Connolly and asked what was keeping the movie from being made. "It's gonna happen," Kevin says. He admits there are no contracts yet, but says everything is fine and "everybody is in line."

He adds that it looks like production could begin in January. That's far from an official announcement, but is oddly specific for something he would just make up. Perhaps it's wishful thinking on Connolly's part, as he's been open about wanting to get the movie made.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images