Erykah Badu kisses news reporter during live broadcast

erykah-badu-kiss-news-anchor-reporter-on-air.jpgSinger Erykah Badu was walking down the street while New York newscaster Mario Diaz was giving a live broadcast. But instead of strolling right by him and waving to the camera, like most attention-seekers, she tried to give him a kiss -- and was brutally rebuffed.

Diaz's NYC instincts kicked in, and he shoved the singer away while still giving his report like a pro.

At the time, Diaz didn't realize it was her -- and neither did a viewer who captured the encounter on Vine, which also includes a rude gesture at the camera. But later, Badu tweeted at the reporter, who tweeted a nice message back in return.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images