ESPN Body Issue 2012 pictures: Ronda Rousey and Carlos Bocanegra among athletes baring it all

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ronda-rousey-ESPN-body-issue.jpg ESPN has released the art from its third-annual Body Issue, which celebrates the naked forms of some of the best athletes in the world.  One of the cover girls (there might be multiple covers hitting newsstands) is Ronda Rousey (above), a relative unknown compared to some of her Body Issue cohorts. She probably won't be unknown for much longer. The 5'6" 25-year-old is a judo and mixed martial arts competitor.

Joining Rousey in the Body Issue are (below, top to bottom) WNBA player Candace Parker, soccer player Abby Wambach, the U.S. women's volleyball team, NBA player Tyson Chandler and soccer player Carlos Bocanegra. You can see all the athletes in all their glory in ESPN's official photo gallery.

Do you have a favorite? And can you believe the poses some of them can do? That picture of Bocanegra is rather stunning. The Body Issue hits newsstands Friday, July 13.

candace-parker-espn-body-issue.jpg abby-wambach-espn-body-issue.jpg womens-volleyball-espn-body-issue.jpg tyson-chandler-espn-body-issue.jpg carlos-bocanegra-espn-body-issue.jpg

Photo/Video credit: ESPN