Evangeline Lilly: 'Real Steel' reaches a point of 'audience blood thirst'

evangeline-lilly-real-steel.jpgFormer "Lost" star Evangeline Lilly is back on your screens - this time on the big screen as Hugh Jackman's love interest in "Real Steel." The futuristic movie is set in 2020, where robots have replaced human boxers in the ring. Jackman is a retired fighter who starts training a discarded robot and bonding with his son, played by Dakota Goyo.

In an interview with On the Red Carpet, Lilly says of Jackman and Goyo, "Beautiful men, both of them and both consummate professionals. I was stunned and pleased to see how truly professional Dakota was. He's clearly an experienced actor because he would come onto set, he would know his lines, he would know how to hit a mark, he would know how to give a variance in performance. He was really good! And then of course Hugh Jackman -- everyone has already said all the things I could say which is that he's humble and kind and generous and professional and so good. He's just so good!"

Lilly also explains the plot of the movie, saying that humans' lust for violence is what brings robots to the boxing ring.

"'Real Steel' is projecting into a future where boxing has become mundane to people," says Lilly. "As with WWF and all the different fighting styles that have sort of developed and evolved over the last few years, or ten years, people want more action and they want more violence and they want more gore and it reaches a point where a human dies in the ring out of blood thirst, basically -- audience blood thirst. So they decide to get the humans out of the ring, put the robots into the ring, and then we can have real carnage, to the degree where we have heads hanging on the walls and body parts pulled away off the ring, which obviously you can't do with humans."

"Real Steal" is in theaters now nationwide.

Photo/Video credit: DreamWorks Pictures