'Extant' inspired by 'Doctor Who' and Steven Moffat

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When Mickey Fisher set out to create "Extant," he had someone else in mind as he shaped the story: The Doctor. That's right, Fisher had "Doctor Who" on the mind, early on during the writing process.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Fisher says, "While I was writing the pilot, because I'm a big 'Doctor Who' fan, I had a Post-it note on the corner of my monitor that said, "WWSMD; what would Steven Moffat do?'" It turned out to be a good motivator, as he continues, "The answer was always, 'He would just write it better,' so I kind of just kept trying to do that."

The philosophy Fisher worked under was "write the thing you want to watch. And so I really just set out to write the show that I would want to see and it's kind of a reflection of a lot of things that I was watching at the time, or about things that I was really interested in," he says.

In the end, there was a bit of common ground with "Doctor Who," as he explains, "['Doctor Who'] has such a great heart at the center of it, and I think that was really important to me. It's not a dystopian world. We want ['Extant'] to be something that people could relate to, this story about this family that people would appreciate."
Photo/Video credit: CBS