Eyeball licking is a real trend in Japan and it's dangerous

Many trendy things come from Japan, but this one should probably not continue. Teenagers in the country are part of a new trend called oculolinctus. It's also known by the term "worming" or "eyeball licking." Yes, eyeball licking. That's not even a clever nickname, it's exactly what it sounds like.

Teens are using the act of licking one another's eyeballs to show affection, like some would do with hugging or kissing, ABC News reports. The act may have been inspired by the Japanese band Born, which features eyeball licking in a music video.

While it might sound like a cool, fun thing to do (it doesn't), experts say it could lead to complications. "When you get licked on the eye, you're transferring dangerous bacteria to the eye," says associate professor in the department of ophthalmology at the New York University Langone Medical Center, Dr. Robert Cykiert, "It's a very dangerous trend, to say the least."

The bacteria could lead to a higher risk of conjunctivitis and a possible corneal ulcer. Cykiert also says scarring on the cornea could become permanent as well, depending on what bacteria is transferred to the eye via licking.

In short, stop licking your girlfriend's eyeball. Just hold her hand.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images