Fake 'Mad Men' finale script 'leaked' online

mad-men-opening-credits-amc.jpgKnowing that Matthew Weiner -- the creator and showrunner of AMC's "Mad Men" -- is a scary stickler for secrecy just makes the fact that a bogus final page of a "Mad Men" series finale script leaked online that much funnier. Penned by "Human Giant's" Jason Woliner, the faux page was re-tweeted by "Parks & Recreation" co-star Aziz Ansari and, thus, transmitted to the world.

Read it for yourself below for the full comedic impact. Suffice to say it manages to tie together nicely the show's iconic opening credits, the recent conspiracy theory about someone from the show plummeting to his or her death and Weiner's history with "The Sopranos." (Hence the mention at the end of the show achieving "Sopranos-level TV history.")

Since Weiner has signed on for two more seasons, we'd just like to note that he has plenty of time to maneuver things so they end up as described in Woliner's script. Which would make history in so many more meaningful ways.


Photo/Video credit: AMC