Fake storm photos of Hurricane Sandy make the rounds on the internet

hurricane-sandy-fake-storm-photos-toddhale.com.jpgIn a 24-hour news cycle where everyone with a cell phone camera can be a photojournalist, fake pictures are bound to surface and circulate in the wake of a natural disaster -- and Hurricane Sandy, which hit the Northeast on Monday, certainly inspired its share.

Some of the photos making the rounds via Twitter and Facebook are purely fictional, while others were nabbed from other events and attributed to Sandy.

Take a look at some of the more memorable photo fakes from Hurricane Sandy so far:
This picture, taken by photographer Karin Markert, is a real photo -- from September.

Another real photo, but not from Hurricane Sandy. This one was from a tornado warning last year -- the photo initially ran in the Wall Street Journal.

This one is a still from a video that was part of a French art installation.

This photo might look familiar -- it's from the movie "The Day After Tomorrow."


This photo, of course, is an awesomely Photoshopped version of everyone's worst fears realized -- but it's not from Sandy. Sorry.

Photo/Video credit: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed