Fans outraged over 'Think Like A Man Too' Essence cover; where are Jerry Ferrara, Gary Owen and Adam Brody?

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think-like-a-man-too-cover-men-missing-jerry-ferrara-gary-owen.jpgThe men and women of the upcoming comedy "Think Like A Man Too" are featured on dueling covers of the July double issue of Essence magazine-but hold up-some very important cast members are missing!

The men's cover features African American actors Michael Ealy, Romany Malco, Kevin Hart and Terrence Jenkins accompanied by producer Will Packer, decked out for summer in their best blues.

However, fans everywhere noticed a giant hole in the cover photo--white main cast members Jerry Ferrara and Gary Owen as well as supporting actor Adam Brody are not only not on the cover, but not even pictured in the article.

essence-magazine-romany-malco-michael-ealy-kevin-hart-will-packer-terrence-jenkins.jpgOutraged readers of the the publication, that promotes equality amongst races, are taking to Instagram to voice their disapproval.

"Just because this is a 'black' magazine, intentionally disregarding the two white men from the movie is reckless. It's 2014, Essence. It is ok to be inclusive of other races on the front cover, not just showing different shades of black #disappointed," says Instagram user Swirljawn215.

Savagemama710 says, "If this had been a predominantly white magazine that left out the black cast members there would be an uproar. Our black is beautiful, but this is shady."

"Won't be supporting this issue. (Would have) been a great cover shoot had all male cast members been represented. #diversity & #inclusion should apply across the board, not just when it pertains to 'minorities'," echoes Rainavalzora.

What do you think about the controversial cover? Should there be a re-shoot? 


Photo/Video credit: Essence Magazine