Favorites of 2008

Tiffanydupont_greeks2_240 Should the 2008 TV season be forgot and never brought to mind?

Well, yes, parts of it. But this is the most wonderful time of the year (or at least that's what all the songs say) so let's take a look at some of my favorites of 2008.

Favorite Scheming College Student: Frannie (Tiffany Dupont) on Greek

Favorite place to find a Mad Man: Rich Sommer as Pam's art school friend on The Office.

Favorite place to find a Mad Woman: Christina Hendricks as Charlie's would-be step-mother on Life.

Favorite Go-To Mom: Jane Curtin who played a mom once again on Gary Unmarried

Barrywatson2_samanthawho_s1_240_2 Favorite Ex-Boyfriend: Todd (Barry Watson) on Samantha Who?

Favorite Ex-Girlfriend: P.J. on My Boys

Favorite Family: The Suarez on Ugly Betty

Favorite Go-To Daughters: The Panabaker sisters. Danielle Panabaker was Shark's daughter on Shark (and we just saw her last week on Eli Stone) while sis Kay Panabaker plays Catherine's daughter on CSI and will soon play Tim Roth's daughter on the new FOX series Lie to Me.

Favorite Go-To Brother: Seth Petersen delights as Michael's brother on Burn Notice.

Favorite brothers: Sam and Dean on Supernatural

Edwestwick_gossipgirl_240 Favorite Couple that should probably never get together: Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair on Gossip Girl

Favorite Wedding to Look Forward to: Brenda and Fritz on The Closer

Favorite Reason to Stay Away from Wisteria Lane: Neal McDonough's Dave on Desperate Housewives.

Favorite Bad Boss: Michael on The Office

Favorite Good Boss: Jack Malone on Without a Trace, even if does date one of his co-workers

Favorite New Character to give good quote: Walter Bishop on Fringe

Vanessawilliams_uglybetty_240 Favorite Old Character to give good quote: Three way tie between Barney on How I Met Your Mother, Wilhemnia (Vanessa Williams) on Ugly Betty and Cappie on Greek.

Favorite duo to give good quotes: The Winchester brothers on Supernatural

Favorite Reason Not to Hold a Grudge: Perhaps it's time to forgive and forget on the Rebecca is not a Walker story line on Brothers & Sisters.

Favorite Reason to Relive the 90s: 90210

Deannarusso_justinbruening_knightri Favorite Reason to NOT Relive the 80s: Knight Rider

Favorite Reason to go along with the wackiness: Boston Legal

Favorite Reason to blink and miss it drama: The CW Sunday night one-two punch of Valentine and Easy Money.

Favorite Reason to not blink and not miss it drama: My Own Worst Enemy

Favorite Reason to blink and miss it dramedy: The Ex-List

Favorite Reason to blink and miss it comedy: Do Not Disturb

Favorite Way to Introduce a New Character While Saying Goodbye to an Old One: CSI.

Kevinmckidd_journeyman_240 Favorite New Character on an Existing Show: Kevin McKidd as Dr. Owen Hunt on Grey's Anatomy.

Favorite Partners: Charlie Crews and Dani Reese on Life

Favorite Ex-wife: Joy on My Name Is Earl

Favorite Ex-husband: Richard on The New Adventures of Old Christine.

Favorite Old Show to Populate Current Shows: Dawson's Creek. James Van Der Beek appeared on One Tree Hill and How I Met Your Mother, Katie Holmes tried to boost the ratings of Eli Stone and Joshua Jackson still has that ever charming smirk on Fringe.

Michaelnouri_foxfallparty06_240 Favorite Go-To Dad: Michael Nouri was Summer's dad on The O.C. and will reprise his role as Patty's husband in the new season of Damages. And we just learned he is the twins' grandfather on Privileged.

Favorite Recurring Character: Amy Aquino has been playing Dr. Janet Coburn on ER since the first season heartbreaker "Love's Labor Lost."

Favorite Bizarre Place to find a Lostie: L. Scott Caldwell, Rose on Lost, as Ricky's foster mom on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Favorite Bad Place to Find Good Guest Stars: The Cleaner and Private Practice

Favorite Good Place to Find Good Guest Stars: Without a Trace

Britneyspears_wireimage06_240 Favorite reason to Use Stunt Casting: Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother

Favorite reason to NOT Use Stunt Casting: Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty

Favorite transition from an HBO Show: Tristan Wilds from the Wire to 90210

Favorite way to pretend that Arrested Development is still on the air: Watching Jessica Walter on 90210

Tonyhale_emmyred04_240 Favorite places to find a star of Arrested Development: Tony Hale who popped up on Chuck, ER and Samantha Who? this fall. And the good news we'll see him soon in the new FOX series Boldly Going Nowhere.

Favorite new series to look forward to in 2009: The one, the only Joss Whedon and his new series Dollhouse. And here's an early hint, I watched the Dollhouse pilot this weekend and the series has great potential.

Favorite place to see the stars of October Road: Life on Mars

Favorite Psychiatrist: Sweets on Bones

Favorite Recurring Gag: Rotating interns on Bones

Kristenbell_teenchoiceawards08_240 Favorite Voice Over: Kristen Bell on Gossip Girl

Favorite Bad Show: One Tree Hill and Private Practice

Favorite Geek: Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Place for a Roseanne Reunion: The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Reason to always have hope: Friday Night Lights and Scrubs both return in January

Favorite Reason to not to try to justify what you have no business watching: The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Favorite example of putting 7th Heaven behind them: David Gallagher who showed up on Bones, Without a Trace and Saving Grace this year.

Favorite Place to Work: Buy More on Chuck and the Work Bench on Reaper

Colinhanks_240_001 Favorite Man of the Cloth: Colin Hanks as Father John Gill on Mad Men

Favorite Place to hear Huey Lewis and the News: Chuck

Favorite guest star we are always happy to see: Melinda Clarke who reprised her role of Lady Heather on CSI, was seduced by Chuck and recently performed the dark truth on Eli Stone.

Those are some of my favorites of 2008. What are yours? Talk about it below.

Highlights of the Week Ahead

All times listed are Eastern Standard Time for December 22-28

I have to confess I gave up on these guys awhile ago but fans will still want to tune into the fall finale of Prison Break Monday at 9 p.m. on FOX.

Christmas Eve is a time for classics old and new. NBC airs It's a Wonderful Life at 8 p.m. and the 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story begins at 8 p.m. on TBS.

Jamesroday_fearitself_240 USA repeats all of its holiday themed episodes of Psych and Monk beginning  Thursday at 6 a.m.

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Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal