FBI searching for Jimmy Hoffa's remains after Tony Zerilli tip

The Jimmy Hoffa mystery is one that has definitely stood the test of time. The former Teamsters boss was last seen in Michigan in 1975, though his remains have never been found.

Back in January, there was something of a break in the investigation. Tony Zerilli, an alleged former mafia boss, claimed in an interview that he knew where Hoffa was buried. Zerilli was imprisoned at the time, but says he learned of the disappearance after the fact.

Fast forward, and FBI agents were executing a search warrant on a field north of Detroit Monday (June 17), partially based on Zerilli's account, CNN reports.

In his interview, Zerilli said the outlandish stories about Hoffa's disappearance were all incorrect. He says Hoffa met a simple end, "He got picked up over there and buried."

As for Zerili's mob connections, while he served time in prison for racketeering, he maintains to have never been involved in the mafia.

Below you can see a photo of the field the FBI is searching:

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images