FCC indecency rules shot down, 'Idol' ad rates stay up, Barbara Walters: The Movie

simon-cowell-business-innovation-gi-320.jpgNews from around the TV world, served up bite-sized:

A federal appeals court in New York says the FCC's indecency rules regarding "fleeting expletives" (a la Bono at the Golden Globes a few years ago) are unconstitutional. F*** yeah it does. [ Los Angeles Times]

No Simon, no problem: "American Idol" is still commanding hefty prices -- in the neighborhood of $650,000 per 30 seconds -- for commercials. [ The Wrap]

We'd watch this: Barbara Walters is talking with HBO about making a documentary about her life and career. [ New York Post]

We didn't think it was possible, but the Debbie Gibson-Tiffany Syfy movie "Mega Python vs. Gatoroid" just got even more cheeztastic with the addition of ex-Monkee Micky Dolenz. [ Hollywood Reporter]

Write what you know: "Ghost Whisperer" exec producers Ian Sander and Kim Moses have two shows in development at ABC, both of which have "Ghost" in the title. [ Deadline Hollywood]

MTV's adaptation of the U.K. hit "Skins" is filling out its writing staff, adding relative newcomers Matt Pelfrey, Mark Hammer and Monica Padrick. [ HR]

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