Finalewatch: 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Catdeeley_soyouthinkyoucandance_240 It's a two-hour results show extravaganza on, sadly, the last So You Think You Can Dance of the year. No really. An extravaganza. Lots of stuff. Let's get to it shall we?


The finale starts out as all the others have with the introduction of the top 20 dancers in their original pairs when applicable, though Jessica is absent. Rayven and Jamie, we hardly knew ye. Susie & Marquis did that crazy lift/spin thing that was from their Latin number, nice.  Finalists Joshua, Katee, Twitch and Courtney are the last out.

There are a whopping six judges/choreographers on the panel today - Mia Michaels, Adam "The Big Shankizzle" Shankman, Debbie Allen (making her first appearance), and Lil' C join the ever-present Mary and Nigel. Shankman confirms his offer of a feature dancer role in the next movie he's producing for tonight's winner. The cool thing? It's the first dance movie ever shot in's Step Up 3-D to be exact. fantastical.

There's a 4-minute package from the season up to now, including footage from the auditions we may not have seen before. Lengthy? Yes. But it was just to kill time so the Top 20 could change into costumes for their group number.

Oh's a Shane Sparks Hip Hip number to "Boom" by SIN feat. T-Pain. Terrible camera work. Just terrible. But it's a great number. It's Shane, I expect nothing less. One thing I kept noticing was how good Chris was in it. It's a shame he was out so soon.

Nigel gets two picks tonight for favorite number of the season. Well la-di-da. But he correctly picks Katee & Joshua's Bollywood number. This truly was one of the best routines this whole year. You know, I'd have liked to seen Mark & Chelsie do a Bollywood number. I think that would've kicked.

Gevmanoukian_soyouthinkyoucandance_ Mary picks next. Courtney & Gev's Rumba to "Wishing On A Star" by Rose Royce gets her vote. Is that a different costume than the first time around? Somehow I remember Courtney's dress being blue for this, but I could just be confusing it with one of the other numbers. I think I may have liked it this time better.

After some adverts, we get an over-dramatic package leading to the battle between Robert Muraine and Phillip Chbeeb (who couldn't go to the Vegas auditions thanks to a case of pneumonia). Before they even go on, my vote's for Chbeeb. They dance to "Stronger" by Kayne West and again with the bad camera angles. I'm pretty sure Muraine's opening two sets were taken straight from the number he did on the show a few weeks ago. Both are really good, no mistaking it but I'm saying Chbeeb wins.

Mia's vote goes to Chbeeb, Adam's for Muraine. Debbie votes for Robert as does Nigel. Mary also votes for Robert. Boo. And Lil' C votes for him too. So it's Muraine in a 5-1 decision which I actually call b.s. on. Perhaps I'm simply biased since 80% of the respect I have for him disappeared when he bailed before the first round of Vegas auditions got to the halfway point. Quadruple boo.

In Shankman's introduction to his favorite number, he veers somewhat off-topic when he mentions that Adam Sevini and John M. Chu (star and director, respectively, of Step-Up 2 and 3-D) are in the audience. He mentions that they're the founders of the ACDC Crew and that the only reason Miley Cyrus' crew won the dance battle was because she was the host of the Teen Choice Awards. And that's why I heart him. You speak that truth, Shankman. Anyhoo, his choice is the Comfort & Twitch Hip Hop number choreographed by Dave Scott. Great call.

Markkanemura_soyouthinkyoucandance_ Lil' C gets to pick next and he gives an extremely eloquent explanation as to why he picked it. Heart him. He picks Chelsie & Mark's Hip Hop number to "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lweis and choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo.  Yet another great choice.

Cutting back to the judges table, Mary has disappeared. Oh...and that would be her on stage feeling up Dmitry for the opening of a number. They dance to "Baila, Baila" by Angela Via. Wow, she's got really nice legs. It wasn't particularly challenging but it was cool to see her dance.

Mia's up to bat next. I like her hair. She chooses the Pas de Deux that Katee & Will performed, but this time that turn that got messed up last time went right. Cue Debbie beaming with pride.

Shankizzle goes again and throws it to the Courtney & Mark Jazz piece to "The Garden" by Mirah. So glad he picked this one. It was absolutely one of my favorites this season.

Courteneygaliano_soyouthinkyoucanda Directly after, the four finalists come on stage and Cat reveals that Courtney has come in fourth place. But the second place girl with ain't half bad. During her highlight package, they show her reaction when she learned that Gev was her partner. I miss those moments. They really need to bring that back next season. But I digress. Courtney is all smiles but there are also some tears as she expresses how much this whole experience has impacted her for the better.

After the break, the Top 5 guys repeat the Nigel choreographed "Five Guys Named Moe." Thankfully there was no monkeying around with the camera angles this time around. A whole number showing everyone from a long shot, thus enabling us to get the full effect of the piece? The hell you say!

Our first special guest is the cast of Cris Angel's Believe show in Vegas (they're seemingly members of Cirque du Soliel as well). Wade Robson choreographed it and it starts with a title card that says "Homage to all the Rabbits who died in the hands of incompetent magicians." The song is aptly named "Homage to the Rabbits" by Eric Sierra and all the dancers are dressed of stylized rabbits - some with full heads, others with just bunny ears - with the spotlight on a tiny casket with bunny ears sticking out of it at the front of the stage. It's weird but good. Kind of like Alice in Wonderland on acid, Jaeger and shrooms.

Kateeshean_soyouthinkyoucandance_24 The remaining finalists rejoin Cat on stage and it's revealed that Katee has come in third place this season. After she says a tearful yet appreciative  farewell, Cat has a surprise for her. This year, the overall winner isn't the only one who gets a prize. As the top female dancer, she's been awarded $50,000. Get some.

Debbie Allen's presence brings with it a performance from some of her students. It starts with a massive tap number with boys and girls, I'd say average age of 10, to Earth, Wind & Fire's "Boogie Wonderland." And...what what what?!? Nigel joins the kids about halfway through. Okay, I gotta give it up to the old man. He was impressive. And they all walked off the stage like penguins at the end. Good times. Chantel Heath (hopefully I spelled that right) and her assistant Nicole Nicholas are the choreographers. Nicole is a descendant of the famous Nicholas Brothers. If you don't know who they are, shame on you. Go find video of them this instant.

After the number, Shankman says he'd never let Nigel go on to Vegas if he auditioned. He also challenged Nigel to a dance off next year. I might pay money to see that. Debbie adds that everyone (meaning the judges) should perform on the show, which I absolutely agree with and hope will happen next season.

Next up, Twitch & Katee perform Mia's "door number" to "Mercy" by Duff as Mary's second pick. She thinks Mia should win an Emmy for it.

The Jonas Bros. perform their newest single "Burning Up." Commence with the tween screams. The sound isn't well balanced - the instruments are much louder than the vocals. Oh...and the one who gets his hair straightened is wearing a purple headband. How very Flashdance of him. Wait, who's this large man rapping? That's new. They still make me want to throw on some Hanson and get my "MmmBop" on. And their more recent stuff is good too. Don't hate.

Stephentwitch_soyouthinkyoucandance Debbie's pick is to watch Kherington & Twitch perform Jean-Marc's Ballroom dedication to his daughter to "A New Day Has Come" by Celine Dion. This marks the 312th number Twitch has danced in tonight.

Nigel gets the last encore pick of the night and his nod goes to the first of Tabitha and Napoleon's Hip Hop routines this season - Katee & Joshua's "No Air" piece.

Next we get a lovely package featuring some dancers from seasons past and what they're doing now or advice to the final four - Sandra, Ashle, Blake, Ryan from Season 1; Donyelle, Benji, Travis, Dmitry from Season 2; and Lauren (who still bugs me), Dominic, Hok, Jesus, Allison, Cedric, Neil, Sara (back-up singer and dancer for Avril Lavigne), Lacey from Season 3. The coolest thing to me is that Donyelle is choreographing with Shane Sparks on his new movie The Jump-Off. She's also getting married, but probably not to Benji. Also, Blake has been touring with Janet Jackson and is a judge and choreographer for SYTYCD Canada.

we get a number from the collective forces from seasons past to "Don't Stop The Music" by Rihanna. The All-Stars included Allison, Neil, Anya, Lauren, Benji, Travis, Ivan, Dmitry, Hok, Ryan, and Dominic. I couldn't clearly see the other few girls but I'm fairly sure they were from Season 1. They're joined at the end by this year's cast.

Joshuaallen_soyouthinkyoucandance_2 Back from one last commercial, it's come down to Joshua and Twitch - the first two "street dancers" to ever make it to the finale. They both look like they're going to pass out. When Cat announces Joshua's name as the winner, he just walks across the stage in disbelief and full of emotion as the crowd goes nuts. Twitch retrieves him and hugs him, very happy for his friend. At the end, his fellow contestants rush out to congratulate him and the credits end with Will and Twitch lifting Joshua on their shoulders.

Congratulations to Joshua! Yay! I expect to see Twitch a whole lot more, both as a dancer and a choreographer. Your thoughts on a surprisingly, wholly entertaining finale? What were your favorite number(s) of the season? Did you enjoy seeing the dancers from seasons past? Do you agree that Phillip Chbeeb should've won the Popping battle? Thanks for watching along and we'll see you next year!