'Finding Christmas': Former model Tricia Helfer gets to show off some small town fashion

The spirit of the season can be found if you really look, and Hallmark Channel's "Finding Christmas," airing Sunday, Dec. 15, proves that's true with love and fashion.

Don't expect surprises, but it's unlikely anyone who tunes in seeks chase scenes or special effects. Instead, it's a sweet, quiet story of expected and happy outcomes.

The clothes represent the film's two very different locales - Manhattan and Butters, N.C., which as of the last census had a population of 294. Costume designer Julianna Clarke was working on this movie in Canada last spring, when stores featured summer clothes.

"We have two different kinds of looks," Clarke tells Zap2it.

Siblings Ryan and Owen ( Tricia Helfer, J.T. Hodges) live in Butters, where she's a veterinarian, and he's a handyman and musician.

"They are country, but still stylish," Clarke says.

Mia and Sean ( Cristina Rosato, Mark Lutz) live in New York. "They are the edgy, chic New Yorkers," Clarke says.

Mia works at an ad agency and is in a going-nowhere relationship with an absent real estate agent boyfriend. She falls in love with Owen, who swapped homes with a New Yorker because he needed to get away to nurse a broken heart. (Yes, we know where this leads.)

If this leopard-print wrap dress has the look of one of the originals, that's because it is a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg.

"My assistant had it in her closet, and it is perfect," Clarke says. "The necklace is from H&M, which has some great statement necklaces."

The outfit is pulled together with plain black hose. Mia usually wears patterned stockings, but with such a bold dress, plain complements the look best.

Sean owns the ad agency and is always trying to look ahead. Just as he's about to propose to his rather entitled girlfriend in front of his entire office, she dumps him. He swaps houses with Owen to get away, though his clothes are better suited to midtown than hoedowns.

Here he wears a Banana Republic sweater and Gap jeans, though in other scenes he wears slim-fit suits from Zara.

"We wanted the lines to be very modern, a little edgy, with a shorter suit jacket," Clarke says. "He had a little bit of edge and was able to incorporate with design elements and the odd tie, but not over the top."

Mia wears a BCBG red top, and to make it more office-ready and give it an interesting pop, there's a black, studded camisole from H&M under it. She wears a reticulated gray H&M skirt. The hose have a subtle horizontal pattern, which works with the ankle boot from Spring.

When everyone comes together at Christmas, Ryan wears a Rachel Roy dress, and Owen has on a John Varvatos Henley and Mavi jeans. The country singer "was adamant about incorporating some of his pieces into the Owen look," Clarke says, "so the belt buckle is his."
Photo/Video credit: Hallmark Channel