First look at '30 Rock' Season 5: Gratuitous Matt Damon and other guests

30-rock-season-5-group.jpg "30 Rock" returns September 23, and if you were wondering how much screen time you'll be getting from Matt Damon during his continued arc as Liz Lemon's ( Tina Fey) boyfriend Carol, the answer is "a lot." The first images from the premiere, "The Fabian Strategy," could easily be assembled into a flip book chronicling Carol and Liz's apparently tumultuous affair. (Spoiler alert: he's a crier.)

What else you can expect from Damon's return as the dream-boyfriend pilot is some meddling from Jack ( Alec Baldwin). Frustrated by finance and baby-mama-to-be Avery's ( Elizabeth Banks) attempts to domesticate him, Jack sets out to help Liz keep a man for a change. Given Damon's movie career and brief obligation to the series, the odds are unfortunately stacked against her.

But this being "30 Rock," there'll be other famous faces to distract us when he's gone. Paul Giamatti arrives in the second episode as Ritchie, a surly editor from Staten Island, and Queen Latifah plays a congresswoman demanding more diverse programming from Jack in the third episode, which also brings an appearance from Rob Reiner.

For now, there is still plenty of Matt Damon to look at. And remember:"30 Rock" now airs an hour earlier at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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