First look at Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows'


It's time once again for Johnny Depp to don white face paint and act all sorts of weird in a Tim Burton movie.

Set pics have emerged from the U.K. shoot of "Dark Shadows" featuring Johnny Depp in character as the vampire Barnabas Collins. "Dark Shadows" is a re-imagining of the 1966 gothic romance that aired on ABC. According to plot summaries, Burton's version begins in the 18th century when Depp's Barnabas is turned into a vampire by Eva Green and then buried alive for two hundred years. 

Sounds like it's right in the Depp/Burton wheelhouse. Though we look forward to the day when Tim Burton finds a use for plain ole Johnny Depp. We're starting to forget what he looks like when he isn't a pirate. Or a vampire. Or a monster. Or a demon barber. Or a weirdo. Or a pale faced director. Or get it.

Check out the rest of the set pics on Celebuzz.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Celebuzz