First Look: 'The Vampire Diaries'' Joseph Morgan and 'Criminal Minds'' Matt Ryan go '500 Miles North'

joseph-morgan-500-miles.jpgWhile "The Vampire Diaries" dastardly villain Klaus may be spending his summer vacation on a murderous ripper road trip with Stefan, Joseph Morgan himself is on an entirely different journey. Morgan is currently in Scotland, filming "500 Miles North" alongside fellow Brit Matt Ryan, who starred this year as Mick Rawson on "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior."

Morgan and Ryan play estranged brothers left with no choice but to reunite to satisfy their father's last wishes. They travel together from England to the Highlands of Scotland, and judging from the exclusive first-look photo Morgan sent us, the authentic setting provides a breathtaking backdrop to the independent feature. "500 Miles North" is directed by Luke Massey.

For updates on the film, follow Morgan ( @_josephmorgan) and Massey ( @LukeMassey) on Twitter. Massey also frequently (if somewhat cryptically) updates the blog on his official website with behind-the-scenes snapshots.

"The Vampire Diaries" resumes filming in July, and Morgan will be back on set in Atlanta to step back into Klaus's undead skin as he and Stefan continue to wreak havoc on the innocent. We can't wait!


Photo/Video credit: Helen Abraham