First 'WWE 2K15' image of John Cena released and it looks incredibly real

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It turns out 2K Games taking over the WWE license may have been a fantastic thing for wrestling fans who also happen to be gamers. Though "WWE 2K15" is the second title the company is releasing, it looks to be the first one they are building from the ground up. The image above of WWE superstar John Cena shows how well it's working out for them, right down to the veins in his arms.

Using the technology that 2K implemented in their various sports titles, "WWE 2K15" looks incredibly realistic. Certainly, far more lifelike than in previous years. Of course, the new generation of gaming consoles helps quite a bit in that regard, as well.

To get an accurate idea, check out a comparison of the new game with "WWE 2K14" below. It's important to note the photo on the right is from a previous-generation console, while the one of the left is current.

"WWE 2K15" is in stores on Oct. 28.
Photo/Video credit: WWE/2K Games