'Fly Girls': Zap2it's jet-setting night in Las Vegas with The CW's new stars

fly-girls-320-video.jpgTo promote their new series "Fly Girls," the CW flew the press to Las Vegas for a screening and launch party. Not as glam as it sounds.

Jetting from LAX to Las Vegas on a chartered Virgin America flight featuring service by the five "Fly Girls" followed by a party at the Stadium at the Palazzo in Las Vegas sounds like a great Friday night, right?

In reality, it was just another night at the -- remote -- office. Sure, there was a fabulous drink list at the launch party; things like a Veeva La Fly Girls and a Palazzopolitan. The Mile High Mojito was delicious. But with a mile-long red carpet to attend to, it was hardly the whirlwind night of fun we were expecting.

The carpet did featured Gilles Marini from "Brothers & Sisters" (no, we don't know why either), some bleached-blonde Real Housewife and her leathery husband and supposedly Shaun Sipos from "Melrose Place," though we didn't actually see him because we had to leave to catch the flight back to Los Angeles.

We did get a couple minutes with the actual stars, though. Watch below.

One of the best things about the trip was the Virgin America plane. Between the red decor and the purple mood lighting, we were a little surprised they weren't handing out glow sticks and ecstasy at the door. Each seat on the flight had its own TV screen where you can actually watch live television while flying, so we took in a Lakers game. On a totally random note, once we landed in Vegas there was a billboard that read, "Everything's sexier in Las Vegas." What was it advertising? Barry Manilow, FTW.

The screened pilot for "Fly Girls," titled "Prepare for Take-Off," was ... well, let's hope the show gets better after the pilot episode. The gist is there are 5 flight attendants who all live in a "crash pad" in Los Angeles and fly for Virgin America.

fly-girls-premiere-cw-480.jpg Fresh-faced Mandy (above, center) is clearly who we are supposed to love and root for. Her arch-nemesis is b****y Nikole (second from the right and yes, with that "k" even her name is b****y), who is the newbie to the "crash pad." She brings with her two chihuahuas dressed in matching t-shirts (below). Like Monica Gellar, we cannot abide animals dressed as people.

nikole-chihuahuas-240.jpg The conflict in the pilot is when Nikole snakes Mandy's spot on the fire truck with Richard Branson at the Fort Lauderdale launch party. That's the big drama. Not getting to use a phallic fire hose with gazillionaire Grizzly Adams.

Meanwhile, Louise (second from the left) nabs herself an IFB in the pilot episode. An IFB is an "in-flight boyfriend," which no, that's not at all skanky or dangerous. Louise drags Mandy along to the IFB's party that night, wherein the two girls are over-dressed so they leave. True story.

Farrah (far right) barely does anything. If we hadn't actually spoken to her at the screening, we would've maybe guessed "mannequin." The most interesting flight attendant is Tasha (left), a single mom who was full of sass on the "Fly Girls" red carpet. Perhaps the show should be called "Fly Girl" and just feature her and her son.

There certainly is potential for an interesting show about real-life flight attendants. Our mom was one in the '70s (back when they were called "stewardesses") and she's got some great stories -- meeting Billy Crystal and Alan Alda, being propositioned by Pete Rose, getting to tell a snotty 11 year-old that if he doesn't stop kicking the man's seat in front of him that she'll break his arm and lock him in the bathroom.

Hopefully "Fly Girls" finds some fun shenanigans like those to air. The pilot episode didn't exactly "take off."

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