Forest Whitaker gets apology from Milano Market for shoplifting accusation

forest-whitaker-shoplifting-apology.jpgLast week, Milano Market, a deli in New York, accused actor Forest Whitaker of shoplifting. Whitaker said he was stopped by an employee as he was trying to leave the store. The employee claimed the actor had taken something from a shelf and proceeded to frisk Whitaker in front of the entire store.

Now the owner of Milano Market has apologized to Whitaker, insisting that race was absolutely not a factor and that the employee was "misguided." The owner also tells TMZ that the employee has been fired.

A representative for the store says, "The management of Milano Market deeply regrets the wrongful actions of our employee in stopping and frisking Forest Whitaker. While we can not delve into the employee's mindset, we do not believe that he was racially motivated in his actions, simply misguided."

The rep says the store also wants to reach out to Whitaker to make a donation to the charity of his choice, in an effort to make things right.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images