Former 'SNL' writer dead of an apparent suicide

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Waynes World.jpgThere is sad news to report from the comedy world today. Former "Saturday Night Live" writer Joe Bodolai, who co-wrote the first draft of "Wayne's World" with Mike Myers was found dead the day after Christmas in a Hollywood hotel room of an apparent suicide. According to TMZ, his body was discovered by a cleaning crew.

Police officers found a bottle of antifreeze and Gatorade in the room with him. He'd been staying in the hotel for a week. Though there was no suicide note at the scene, he left a post on his blog on December 23 titled, "If This Was Your Last Day Alive What Would You Do?"

In the note, Bodolai writes about "Stuff I Would Like to Have Seen In My Life" and lists "Things I Regret," beginning with "My inability to conquer my alcoholism" followed by, "The things I did because of it." He also wrote "Things I Am Proud Of, listing family members, his time at "SNL" and "writing the first draft of Wayne's World with Mike Myers."

On his Facebook page, Bodolai wrote, "I'm alone this year and am volunteering serving Christmas dinner to the homeless. Perhaps I will be one, but I love all of you and if I make it to next year let's make it a morally, spiritually, better and funnier year." He was 63.
Photo/Video credit: NBC Universal