Fox News primetime shuffle: Megyn Kelly moves in, but O'Reilly, Hannity and Van Susteren stay

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megyn-kelly-fox-news-gi.jpg Megyn Kelly continues her rise in the ranks of Fox News Channel anchors, as the network Tuesday (Sept. 17) announced a revised primetime lineup that includes her new show, "The Kelly File."

Starting on Monday, Oct. 7 (all times Eastern), the very popular "On the Record With Greta Van Susteren" moves to 7 p.m.

"After 11 1/2 years number one at 10 p.m," Van Susteren says in a statement, "and driving home near midnight, I am 'to the moon' thrilled at a new challenge (and a new drive! Half the year I won't even need headlights!)."

"On the Record" replaces "The Fox Report With Shepard Smith," which is going away -- but Smith isn't. He is scaling back his regular FNC slots to just 3 p.m., now home to "Studio B With Shepard Smith."

That hour now becomes "Shepard Smith Reporting." In addition, he's taken on a whole new role, as managing editor of FNC's new breaking-news division -- a k a the "Breaking News Desk" -- which will utilize proprietary software and social media to track events both during the afternoon hour and throughout the day.

FNC's press release describes Smith's new show as being "housed in a newly constructed signature studio unveiled upon launch, known as the FOX News Deck. The Deck and Smith's dedicated team of producers and information specialists will also be able to interrupt all programming as needed at a moment's notice to bring viewers the latest news as it develops."

This will play to Smith's strength in covering events as they unfold, showcased notably in 2005 as he covered the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

FNC's top primetime performer, "The O'Reilly Factor," remains at 8 p.m., where it has been, by cable-news standards, a ratings powerhouse.

Kelly moves into the lineup at 9 p.m., pushing the long-running political-commentary show "Hannity" to 10 p.m.

With "The Kelly File," FNC has added another news-oriented primetime hour anchored by a lawyer (Van Susteren is also an attorney).

FNC says "The Kelly File" will "focus on late-breaking news stories in a live format as well as in-depth investigative reports interspersed with newsmaker interviews."

Kelly says in a statement, "In 2003, I was an unhappy lawyer and made a decision to change my life. Ten years later, I've been able to do that thanks in large part to [FNC chairman] Roger Ailes, a boss who always gives me the same directive. 'Be yourself and have fun.' What a great job. I am very grateful."

As far as Hannity, he's looking forward to his later time slot, which will feature the "Hannity Live" companion app. It allows viewers to get access to content from show producers in the control room. Hannity also plans to do more forums from remote locations and live specials.

His statement reads, "I am very happy to be moving to 10 p.m. The ability to be live or on tape greatly increases the flexibility of the show and offers me, after 17 years, the opportunity to be home at night with my family."

As for reaction, another of FNC's rising stars, commentator Kirsten Powers, tweeted from @kirstenpowers10, "Worth noting that Fox News is only cable network with two female primetime hosts."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images