FOX to preview 'Animation Domination High-Def' block in primetime

axe-cop-animation-domination-high-def-primetime-premiere-fox.jpgA week in advance of its July 27 premiere, FOX is set to preview its new "Animation Domination High-Def" block in primetime on Sunday, July 21, the network has announced.

The Sunday night preview will include the debuts of new quarter-hour series "Axe Cop" (9:30 p.m. ET) and "High School USA!" (9:45 p.m. ET). The new animated series will debut on their regular night and time with all new episodes at 11 p.m. ET and 11:15 p.m. ET, respectively, followed by encores of the primetime previews.

"Axe Cop" tells the story of the titular lawman, who survives on two minutes of sleep a night and a diet made up solely of birthday cake. Nick Offerman ("Parks and Recreation") plays Axe Cop, alongside a voice cast that includes Megan Mullally, Patton Oswalt, Ken Marino and Peter Serafinowicz.

"High School USA!" centers on a group of super-positive, millennial students as the confront the challenges of growing up in the modern world. Led by painfully naive and always upbeat Marsh Merriwether ( Vincent Kartheiser), they put their uniquely positive spin on issues like cyber-bullying, Adderall-addiction and embarrassing sexting incidents. Created by Dino Stamatopoulos ("Community"), an after-school special this isn't.

Are you looking forward to the premiere of "Animation Domination High-Def"?
Photo/Video credit: FOX