FOX's mid-season 'Us & Them' trailer: Alexis Bledel and Jason Ritter find love in a generation

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us-and-them-alexis-bledel-jason-ritter-fox.jpgFOX announced its new fall schedule, which includes "Us & Them," a single-camera ensemble with a rom-com vibe, standing by for a mid-season bow.

Jason Ritter ("Parenthood") and Alexis Bledel ("Mad Men," "Gilmore Girls") star as Gavin and Stacy in a clever-feeling comedy that's based on an award-winning BBC series. FOX describes the show as being "about a young couple, whose path to happily-ever-after is complicated by the screwed-up circus of people closest to them."

Those people happen to include Jane Kaczmarek and Kurt Fuller as Gavin's parents. And Michael Ian Black is a nice addition to Stacy's clan. In the trailer, both of the lovebirds' families are reticent about the as-yet relative strangers meeting in person, and hilarity ensues -- including "panic dancing" by Gavin, and puking by Stacy.

Take a look:

Photo/Video credit: FOX