Frankie Muniz engaged to Elycia Marie Turnbow

frankie-muniz-elycia-turnbow-gi.jpgThe kids sure do grow up fast, don't they?

Monday (Oct. 24) morning came the stunning realization that the little boy from "Jerry Maguire" is now of legal drinking age, and now we have the announcement that former "Malcolm in the Middle" star  Frankie Muniz is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Elycia Marie Turnbow.

The 25-year-old star tweeted Saturday (Oct. 24) that Turnbow had accepted his proposal, saying "After 4 years together, I'm so happy to be ENGAGED to the love of my life @ElyciaMarie!!!" The bride-to-be made a similar social networking announcement, tweeting, "It's official.. I'm engaged!"

Plenty of fiancee-related tweets have followed. Sample: "Playing frisbee in the park with my fiancee and our dogs... so Hallmark card worthy."

Muniz and Turnbow made headlines in February when police were called to the couple's house after a domestic dispute that led to a gun being removed from the property. At the time, it was reported that Turnbow may have yelled and hit Muniz in the face, and he may have punched her and thrown her against a wall.

Turnbow claimed Muniz may have been suicidal, while the actor reportedly said he didn't assault her because, "[he loves] her too much. She is the woman [he wants] to marry."

Cops at the time said that if anything like that ever happened again, they'd both go to jail.

Looks like they've cleared up their issues! Let's all leave well-wishes for the now-happy couple.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images