Fred Hayman saved fashion reps (and marriages)


Long ago before there were armies of well-paid celebrity stylists dressing actresses for every awards show, Oscar nominees and presenters relied on Beverly Hills retailer Fred Hayman for their glamorous gowns. After decades of keeping gorgeous actresses off the Worst Dressed and on the Best Dressed lists, Hayman became the official fashion consultant for the Academy Awards in 1990, operating a unique styling service for actresses from his swanky Dayton Way boutique.

But according to Hayman's pal, Emmy-winning producer George Schlatter, he not only rescued fashion reps, he also saved Hollywood marriages, relationships and perhaps even lives over the past five decades.

"Our wives were known as the Hollywood Black Belt shoppers and they would regularly go to  his boutique and pick out what they wanted – or what Fred thought they needed," Schlatter said last night at the Beverly Hills Tribute to Fred Hayman. "When it came time for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, we FOFs (Friends of Fred) would rush to his boutique and pick up these prearranged gifts.  Then we would have our fourth or fifth martini and rush home to restore or maintain domestic tranquility. He was Santa Claus in tassled loafers."