Free iPhone apps to celebrate Apple App Store's 5th anniversary

The Apple App Store turns five years old Wednesday (July 10). To celebrate, the company has cut the prices of some of their best-selling apps for iPhones and iPads to free.

All kinds of apps have been discounted, from some of the top games (with prices ranging from $1 to $7), to a popular app used by DJs for mixing songs, with a normal price tag of $19.99) and several more. Some of the bigger titles being offered for free include, "Infinity Blade II," "Peggle HD," "Dead Space" and "Tiny Wings."

According to the App Store's Twitter account, it's a week-long celebration. For a complete list of apps that have been marked down to free, check out AppShopper. Your other option is simply to open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and start downloading.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images