'Friday Night Lights' Emmy nominee Connie Britton honored with 'y'all' montage

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connie-britton-yall.jpgWith the NBC run of "Friday Night Lights" concluding on July 15, the series starting from the very beginning on ESPN Classic and Emmy nominations going out to stars Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton and the series, nostalgia for the five-season football town drama is running high.

The little show that could, "FNL" often (read: always) leaves us crying -- so it's a good thing there's also reason to laugh. Guyism (via Vulture) edited an exceptionally lighthearted clip to celebrate the series this week.

Tami Taylor (Britton) loves the word "y'all." And to give you an idea of just how much she loves, here's a montage of every frustrated, flirtatious, appeasing, dismissive and adorable time she said it.

Maybe this have been her "for your consideration" reel.

Photo/Video credit: NBC-Universal