J.J. Abrams & Joshua Jackson on 'Fringe' & Which Mysteries Will Soon Be Solved

Jjabrams Fringe is back tonight and to whet your appetite, we got a little one-on-one time with the man formerly known as Pacey Witter, Mr. Joshua Jackson. His new boss, Sir J.J. Abrams, stopped to talk with me as well. So watch the quick interviews below to learn what's on tap for Fringe, including which of the series' crazy questions will be answered in the next couple weeks.

But first, let me answer a few of your fan queries...

Annatorv Any scoop on Fringe? What's gonna happen to Olivia? -Kenny
This evening, the show will pick up where we left off, with Olivia being held against her will. But she's only in that situation for a short while, channeling her inner Sydney Bristow to get back with the team before the first commercial break. However, Olivia's experience will end up factoring into this week's case. And, as if Olivia didn't have enough troubles, Internal Affairs will show up to investigate her and the Fringe Division tonight. Making matters worse, the person in charge of the probe has a serious grudge against Ms. O. Also, Olivia's sister and niece will visit, bringing out a different side of the kick-ass FBI agent we've come to know.

Joshuajackson Is there any hope for a Peter/Olivia romance?? -Pam
Olivia's kidnapping seems to have impacted Peter more than he wants to admit... he will tell Olivia that he cares about her tonight. When Walter hears this, he will begin playing his own version of "matchmaker," trying to inch them closer together. You can imagine how well that works out.

Korbi, I'm a huge Lost and Alias fan and have been meaning to watch Fringe, but I keep forgetting. Am I able to pick up the show now, or should I just wait until it comes out on DVD? -Ellen
For new viewers, this evening's hour has a nifty little in-show recap to catch you up on the characters and what they've been up to. You might be a tiny bit confused since this is a continuation of the last episode, but the storyline is made clear pretty quickly. Also, as you'll see Josh Jackson say in the clip below, they're going to sort of start the series fresh by February...