'Fringe' producers promise shirtless Joshua Jackson

josh-jackson-fringe-320.jpg"Fringe" might be taking an eight-week break after this week's episode (Feb. 4), but it's going out with a big bang.

The episode, "Jacksonville," will be especially rewarding for long-time fans, since what at first appears to be a typical "case of the week" is quickly revealed to have much further reaching consequences. Not just for our world, but spanning to the other universe.

Desperate to prevent a possible tragedy, Walter, Olivia and Peter head to Jacksonville and to the facility where William and Walter experimented on Olivia when she was a child. And, of course, the trip requires Walter to test his favorite lab rat once again with the hope that Olivia's former abilities will aid them in stopping the impending doom.

But it's not all disaster. Proponents of a Peter/Olivia coupling will be especially thrilled with the hour as those two make major progress towards expressing some of their more-than-just-friends feelings.

What else?

Well, we found a possible Easter egg in the episode: Walter mentions that the same numbers were used for every single padlock at the Jacksonville facility -- 5-20-10 -- but he can't remember what those numbers mean.

Our mind immediately thought, Important date? Turns out May 20, 2010 is in fact a Thursday. Perhaps the date of the "Fringe" season finale and an epic battle between the two universes?

Oh and, p.s., the ending this week? You'll never accuse "Fringe" of not knowing how to pull off a proper cliffhanger.

But do not fret, most of the season's mysteries will be resolved sooner rather than later. Executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman make this promise in the clip below.

They also claim they're working on some serious shirtless Josh Jackson scenes.

-Additional reporting by Marisa Roffman

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