From 'Dirty to Dancing' to 'An Affair to Remember': Vacation movies worth staying home for

"RV" (2006): Certainly there are families who enjoy being trapped together in tight quarters and on wheels, but the Munro family is not, initially, among them. Dad ( Robin Williams) has the idea for this trip, and daughter Cassie ( JoJo Levesque) sets the tone with: "Mom, some idiot just parked this ugly RV outside our house." Soon they learn just how awful their RV is and encounter rogue raccoons and an overly friendly family, the Gornickes, played by Jeff Daniels, Kristin Chenoweth and Hunter Parrish. It's one of those films that no matter how bad your vacation is, this could make it seem like paradise.

"Dirty Dancing" (1987): The movie that made Patrick Swayze a star and made everyone who ever danced to "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" try to do that lift. Swayze plays the older, slightly dangerous dance instructor Johnny Castle, with whom Dr. Houseman's ( Jerry Orbach) daughter Baby ( Jennifer Grey) falls in love during a summer vacation at a Catskills resort. The film has a great supporting cast including the late dancer Charles "Honi" Coles. As great as everyone is, watch for Swayze's moves, and see why so many women fell in love.

"One Crazy Summer" (1986): So much happens from when school ends until the new semester begins, and here John Cusack and Demi Moore as Hoops McCann and Cassandra prove it. Destined for college basketball -- hence the nickname -- Hoops wants to write and illustrate a cartoon love story. He and a pal are en route to the pal's Nantucket vacation house when they pick up Cassandra (Moore), who has a motorcycle gang chasing her. The guys also help her save her grandfather's home from developers.

"An Affair to Remember" (1957):  Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr meet on a cruise to Europe. They fall madly in love and agree to meet six months later to make sure this is real, not just a ship romance. They are to meet at the Empire State Building, but something tragic happens. Still, it was the best vacation ever, and though remakes tried, the original can't be beat.
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