'Frozen's' shout outs to 'Arrested Development' in GIF form

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It definitely looks like the crew behind the animated movie "Frozen" might be huge "Arrested Development" fans. That's the most reasonable explanation to some very interesting scenes in the movie that might look a bit familiar.

One of those moments pops up during the song "Love is an Open Door," between Anna ( Kristen Bell) and Hans ( Santino Fontana). As the lyrics go, Hans sings, "We finish each others," to which Anna replies, "Sandwiches." "Arrested Development" fans might remember Michael ( Jason Bateman) and Lindsay ( Portia de Rossi) sharing the same dialogue, once upon a time.

That one can be easily explained as a coincidence. In fact, when speaking with  EW the composers of the songs for the movie, Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert says it was an "unconscious callback." Kristen, on the other hand, says she hadn't seen the show at the time.

The next one will really make you wonder, though. During a dance, the Duke of Weselton ( Alan Tudyk) breaks out a very special move. It looks eerily familiar to Lindsay's chicken dance, where she struts around the room looking nothing like a chicken at all.

Whether it was intended to pay tribute to "Arrested Development" or not, these moments make an already fun movie like "Frozen" all the more interesting to watch. Check them out below in GIF form:

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Photo/Video credit: Disney Animation Studios/FOX