'Full House' reunion - minus the Olsen twins - for the 25th anniversary

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full-house-cast-reunion-25-years.jpgThe "Full House" cast reunited over the weekend in Los Angeles the celebrate the 25th anniversary of their show premiering on ABC's TGIF lineup back in 1987 (though it wasn't officially called "TGIF" until the 1988 season).

Andrea Barber, a.k.a. Kimmy Gibbler, tweeted the above cast photo, which features everyone we loved from that San Francisco-area family -- except Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. No big surprise there.

Barber also tweets, "I just danced to three NKOTB songs in a row with @candacecbure and @JohnStamos. Life is complete!" and includes the video here, which might be the greatest thing we have seen in months.

Candace Cameron Bure also got in on the tweet fun, posting, "Deej & Gibbler- Forever NKOTB fans" with the photo below. She also posted a bunch of pictures to her Facebook page.

We wish other shows would do this, it makes us so happy. Next up, we demand "Just the Ten of Us." Lubbock babes singing in the pizzeria FTW!

Photo/Video credit: Twitter