'Futurama' expands its Head-In-a-Jar Creator app to Android users

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futurama-heads.jpgGood news, "Futurama" fans who are also Android users: The show's "Head-In-a-Jar Creator" app is coming to your mobile phones.

Creator Matt Groening will officially announce the launch of the app during "Futurama Live!," the live-streamed post-show chat taking place after Wednesday's (July 11) episode ( see here for details). The app has been available to iPhone users for a year, and it's expanding to the Android platform now.

The app allows users to create their own heads in jars in the likeness of a human, robot or alien, and the new version also adds a Dr. Zoidberg-like Decapodian. (More examples below.) New backgrounds and added features are also available, and users can share their heads over social media.

There's also a "Head Museum" feature whereby users can create custom exhibits of their Head creations and share them with friends. The free app also offers clips from the current season of "Futurama."

Take a look at the app:

futurama-heads3.jpg futurama-heads2.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Comedy Central