ABC's 'Galavant': John Stamos guests as singing knight in shining armor

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john-stamos-galavant-abc.jpgJohn Stamos is singing and dancing his way into our hearts on TV again -- this time for ABC's mid-season, musical comedy "Galavant."

The handsome actor is also stepping into a role he was born to play -- a knight in shining armor no less -- in the medieval fairy-tale series with original songs written by the legendary Alan Menken.

ABC News reports Stamos will be guest starring in the upcoming series as a rival of the show's title character played by Joshua Sasse.

"We are absolutely thrilled that John Stamos is joining us on the series as Galavant's longtime rival -- a dashing knight who squares off against him once more in a local joust," executive producer Dan Fogelman told ABC News in a statement. "We've wanted John to do an arc on this show since inception."

Stamos is set to head to England in Sept. to shoot his part. And although only scheduled to appear in one episode, Fogelman says he would welcome more from the "Full House" triple threat, "He's funny as h***, he sings, and he looks like Lancelot wishes he looked."We can't wait!"

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images