'Game Change' vs. Sarah Palin: 'The truth of the campaign' or a 'false narrative'?

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Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate, is not overly enthused at her portrayal in HBO's new movie "Game Change," a film which the Los Angeles Times says portrays Palin as "woefully misinformed and emotional."

Palin's Political Action Committee has gone on the defensive, releasing a statement and even going so far as to create the trailer you see below in response to the film. However, the PAC admits to not having screened the movie yet. The statement reads:

"I haven't seen HBO's latest effort at manipulating history. However, based upon the description and reports from people who have viewed the film 'Game Change,' HBO has distorted, twisted and invented facts to create a false narrative and attract viewers. They call it a docu-drama, there is little 'docu' in it. HBO must add a disclaimer that this movie is fiction."

But not everyone associated with the '08 Republican campaign for president agrees. Steve Schmidt, who is played in the movie by Woody Harrelson, has vouched for its accuracy and says, "It tells the truth of the campaign. That is the story of what happened. There is no question she helped to energize the campaign and to catapult John McCain into the lead. But the result was the nomination of someone who was fundamentally not qualified to be in the national command authority. That supersedes any short-term or long-term political advantage. Obviously, I have great regret over that."

"Game Change" premieres Saturday, March 10 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. Will you be tuning in?

Photo/Video credit: HBO