'Game of Thrones' 'A Man Without Honor': Everyone is on a knife's edge

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game-of-thrones-richard-madden-a-man-without-honor-hbo "Game of Thrones" has been even more intense in Season 2 than Season 1. After the build up in the first four episodes, the show has been bombarding audiences with amazing relationships, dangerous alliances and a new plot point a minute. Gone are the days of naked exposition. We're in the thick of it now, kids.

In "A Man Without Honor," everyone is on a knife's edge. Robb ( Richard Madden) is flirting with a highborn lady and disaster. Arya ( Maisie Williams, who continues to amaze with her acting), who is melting the ice that is Tywin ( Charles Dance) Lannister, still contemplates stabbing him in the neck.

Daenerys ( Emilia Clarke) is showing her actual age. She's finally acting like a teenager. A pretty butt-kicking teenager, but still. She may not have a "gentle heart," but all the stress is finally getting to her. Jon ( Kit Harington) has found himself the prisoner of Ygritte's ( Rose Leslie) people. Sansa ( Sophie Turner), poor thing, is now officially a woman and able to marry the monster Joffrey ( Jack Gleeson). And we finally see Jaime ( Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) again! What a comeback!

Check out our video review of "Game of Thrones" "A Man Without Honor" with myself and Jennings Roth Cornet from Think Hero and let us know what you think.

Photo/Video credit: HBO/Think Hero